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  1. Hopping on the 3d Printer Bandwagon with Prusa and PETG

    I started playing Minecraft about 4 years after it wasn’t new and cool any more, so my timing with the 3d printer seems about right. more

  2. Mounting a Synology NAS on Ununtu Linux via SMB

    A year or so ago I picked up a Synology DS918+ and a couple WD Reds and could not be more happy with the purchase. Despite being experiencienced with Linux server administration, meaning that putting together a FreeNAS box or the like is well within my grasp, my time is precious and this purchase has saved me a ton of time. more

  3. Running Minecraft on a Chromebook

    Today we’re going to set up Minecraft on a $170 Chromebook: it’s the cheapest way I’ve found to get my kids up and running with the Java edition of Minecraft. Given that Chromebooks run ChromeOS, how to get this done is not immediately obvious, and we do need to make some tweaks to get the game to perform sufficiently. more

  4. Web Development on a Chromebook using Lightsail

    Today we’ll explore how to use a $170 Chromebook, vim, tmux and Amazon Lightsail to do Ruby on Rails, PHP, and Javascript development. more

  5. Form-specific Element Templates in Drupal 8

    Out of the box, Drupal 8 uses a common template for all form elements called form-element.html.twig. Today we’ll explore how to override what Drupal gives us by using form-specific and element-specific template suggestions, such as form-element--user-login--username.html.twig, where user-login is our form ID and username is our form element name. As another example, we could override the template for the search box within a specific search form that doesn’t affect any other form element on the site, even if they share the same element name. more